We help organisations connect with business support candidates, across the UK and Europe.

Through the use of video interviewing technology, we are able to give our candidates the opportunity to bring their CV to life.  This is particularly useful for candidates at the start of their careers, as work experience is often limited.  The use of video interview technology significantly increases the information available to the recruiter, helping to short list in a more efficient and time effective manner.

Why use us for your Business Support Recruitment?

1) Our research finds that video interviews are extremely helpful in providing a more rounded candidate profile and so we will use this information to help assist in the selection of the best candidates for your position.

  • We will undertake an initial screening of candidate applications, ensuring that the submitted profiles match the agreed criteria we have set for the role.
  • We will then share with you the URL links for the candidate applications.  You will then be able to access the full video interview as well as the candidate profile and CV.  You are able to share these links with any members of your team for group feedback.
  • Once you have reviewed the candidate applications and selected the candidates that you would like to meet in person, then we will arrange these meetings for you.

2) Our terms of business are very competitive. We work in partnership with you and invest both our time and resources into the process. We can include branded online adverts for each position with unlimited video interviews for each assignment.

3) Our consultants operate across both the UK and Europe, meaning we are able to source candidates from not just your local market, but from across the EU. This is particularly useful for vacancies that have language requirements or difficult to find skill sets.
Examples of recent assignments

  • Customer Service Assistants– Dutch, German, Danish and French speakers across various EU locations
  • Marketing Assistant
  • HR Administrator
  • Graduate IT scheme
  • Sales Executive